Before you Send in your instrument

Helpful Information

Freezing Issues:

Freezing is an issue we see often and we suggest you store your Testo at the temperatures specified with your Testo product.  

Testo Manifolds and Combustion Instruments have a recommended storage temperature of -20 to 50 C 

Combustion Analyzer:

If you did freeze your instrument it can take a couple of hours for the cells to thaw out before you can use your instrument.  Bring the instrument indoors and allow the pump to run to introduce warm air through out the instrument.  Freezing the cells in your instrument reduces life expectancy of the cells and is not covered under warranty. 


If you freeze your Testo manifold bring your instrument indoors and allow the instrument to warmup to room temperature this will allow the O-rings to expand and seal properly. 

(80% of leaking issues we see are in the winter and usually from freezing).

Charging issues:

It is very important you use the supplied USB power cord and adapter as cheaper chargers and skinny USB cables can damage the charging circuit of your instrument.

"Cheaper USB cables will often have thinner wires. Thinner, higher-gauge wires are obviously made with less material and therefore cannot deliver as much current – charging will take longer. This is because a thicker wire reduces electrical resistance and allows for a better flow of electrons."

Purging your instrument after use.

Purging your Testo Combustion gas analyzer after removing the probe from the unit you are working with is extremely important.  It is good practice to use the 20/20 rule and always allow the pump of your instrument to run until the O2 level is above 20% and the CO level is below 20 ppm.  This will ensure your instrument will zero properly the next time you use it.  Failing to do this you may see an error come up that your O2 or CO cell is not zeroing.